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    The Government Officials

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    The Government Officials

    Post by Lord Sidious on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:12 pm

    The Executives

    Chairman - The Grand Empire of Rundashia
    Prime Minister - The Ergatocracy of Theoniatium

    The Cabinet

    The Corporate Confederacy of Imperial Technocracy (+ Jury duties)
    The Allied Districts of New-ish Bulgaria (+ Jury duties)
    The Republic of The Florence Union (+ jury duties)
    The Stratocracy of Marmero
    The Constitutional Monarchy of New Hunteria

    The WA Delegacy
    Endorse The Ergatocracy of Theoniatium.

    "We are a nation of free minded and willed people. Let this region be a dose of reality to the black raiders; your raiding is nothing to us."
    The Corporate Confederacy of Imperial Technocracy

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