The Military Federation: Diplomatic Conversations & Development of Dilemmas


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    I. Overview

    • All nations in TMF are allowed to express their ideas and opinions, make propositions. TMF accepts nations of all ideologies and cultures.

    • Every nation that has beein in TMF for at least 5 days is entitled to vote in Regional Elections, voting for the Ministers of TMF.

    • Nations can form organizations (for example, political parties with members of the Federal Council) provided that they do not threaten the existence of TMF.

    • All Nations are advised to be on the regional map whether they are puppets or mains.

    • TMF exists to protect its nations' interests.

    • In case TMF ceases to exist for some reason, the Prime Minister will evacuate the region and go to the back up regions we have provided.

    II. Government

    • The Military Federation[/] (TMF) is a democratic Conventist region based on the ideals of freedom, independence and glory.

    • TMF is governed by the Federal Council, a council of honorary citizens.

    • The Federal Council consists of 5 nations appointed by the Prime Minister. As of February 2015, the Federal Council consists of: New-ish Bulgaria, Imperial Technocracy, Marmero, The Florence Union and New Hunteria.

    • The Federal Council meets in the Meeting Room to discuss important regional issues. They can also impeach Ministers by simple majority vote.

    • Nations can be ejected from the Federal Council for crimes against TMF.

    • The Chairman is TMF's leader and Founder.

    • The Chairman's dutes are as follows: to protect the Constitution and prevent violations of it, to perform basic region building, to control the region's foreign policies, to represent the region in interregional organizations.

    • The Prime Minister is the elective leader of TMF. He is also the WA Delegate of the region.

    • The Prime Minister is elected every two months by the citizens of the region by simple majority on a NS Poll. The election lasts for three days

    • If the elections end in a draw, one of TMF's nations, which will be randomly picked, will be asked to use a random number generator. If the generated number is even, the candidate listed first on in the poll wins. If not, the second candidate wins. In case there are more than two candidates, the conditions will be discussed separately before the elections.

    • The numbers have to start on 0 and end at any odd number above 11

    • During the elections, the region will be password-protected.

    • The Prime Minister's duties and rights are as follows: to protect the Constitution and prevent violations of it, to aid the Chairman in region building and deciding the region's foreign policy and lead its armed forces, to work on WA resolutions as the WA Delegate, to appoint Federal Council members.

    • If the Prime Minister resigns, new elections will be held in three days.

    • The Minister of Justice duties are as follows: Figure out the penalties of crime in TMF both OOC and IC.

    • The Minister of RP's duties are as follows: to support and promote role playing in the region. The Minister of RP works with the Minister of Community to create a regional map which serves each country fairly.

    • The Minister of Community's duties are as follows: to support and encourage communication between TMF's nations and allied regions, create discussions, suggest ideas for polls, aid the Minister of RP with role playing, to recruit nations to the region, so teach and support new nations.

    • The Ministers are elected by the nations of TMF during 1-day elections for each Minister.

    • The Constitution can be amended by a Round Table decision (simple majority).

    III. Military

    • The Federal Army is the military of the Military Federation.

    • Only the Chairman has the right to declare war. However, TMF is always at war with all major raider regions including the Domination of the Draka and the Black Riders.

    • TMF will establish military alliances with other regions by signing treaties with them. Some regions that are considered to have "special relationship" with the PFQ do not require a treaty to be viewed as allies.

    • TFA is formed on voluntary basis. All members of TFA are expected to possess a number of puppets that can be used for war.

    • Due to Laws of NS, each main nation is only allowed one WA nation, otherwise facing the deletion of all your nations by

    • TMF will protect itself, its colonies and its allies.

    • However, TMF reserves the right to use its Armed Forces in any way it sees fit.

    • TMF's WA delegate will be non-executive when the region is at war.

    • When at war, TMF will be password-protected, and the Wartime Flag will be raised.

    IV. Law

    • The Minister of Justice is responsible for maintaining order in the region.

    • The Minister of Justice is responsible for trying and sentencing criminals.

    • Nations must report all suspicious activities to the MoJ. Not reporting is considered treason.

    • Any intentional destructive activity against the region is a crime.

    • The Prime Minister appoints three juries to aid the MoJ.

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